Rules & Regulations

I. General Policy

A. The Board of Directors understands that rules must be consistent with providing a safe, pleasant, and efficient facility for the enjoyment of ALL members.

B. WHSC facilities may not be used until all fees have been paid in full.

C. All persons using WHSC facilities assume responsibility for any injuries incurred. The WHSC will not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.

D. The rules contained herein apply to members, members’ families and their guests. Parents should inform their children and guests of WHSC rules and support the WHSC Manager and his/her staff in the enforcement of these rules.

E. The WHSC Manager and his/her staff are authorized to enforce all rules established by the Board of Directors. They are also authorized to prohibit any activity which is not safe or does not keep with the general policy of the WHSC. The WHSC Manager and his/her staff are authorized and directed to institute additional rules as required to insure the safety and enjoyment of WHSC members. The WHSC Manager may restrict the privileges of any member, child, or guest for violating WHSC rules. Specific complaints regarding the enforcement of rules or actions of WHSC employees should be reported directly to the WHSC Manager.

F. Members will be paged at the pool or tennis courts in emergency situations only. Postings on the bulletin boards are under the control of the WHSC Manager.

The WHSC will be open for general use as follows:

Monday through Friday 12 noon to 9 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sunday 12 noon to 9 p.m.

G. The pool may be closed when necessary in the judgement of the WHSC Manager. All or a portion of the pool may be set aside by the WHSC Manager, subject to approval of the Board, for use by the swim team/dive team for instruction, practice, competition, for swimming lessons, and for life-saving instruction.

II. Admission

A. Admission of Members

1. Members and guests must sign their names and indicate whether they are members or guests on the sign-in sheets upon entering the WHSC.

2. Children 12 and under will not be admitted to the pool unless accompanied by a WHSC member age 16 or older who is responsible for continued supervision of the child while at the pool. See Section III of these rules and regulations. Children, ages 11 to 18 are allowed only one guest per pool visit.

3. Lifeguards will control access to the pool. Access will be restricted in cases in which a child’s swimming ability is of concern, the appropriateness of a child’s behavior is in question, or when a child is not being properly monitored by an adult.

B. Admission of Guests

1. Any membership consisting of one person may bring to the pool one guest, free of charge, at all times and regardless of the mileage exclusion.

2. The number of guests may be limited by the Board of Directors.

3. Guest Fees: $5.00 per day per person

Toddlers under age 2: No charge

House Guests: Out of town overnight visitors may purchase a weekly guest pass from the lifeguards at a cost of $10.00 per week, per person.

4. Adults (e.g. day care providers) who are supervising children of absent members may be admitted to the pool upon payment of a seasonal fee of $75.00 or may opt to pay the daily guest fees ($5.00) for each visit. Such persons will only be admitted to the pool without the company of an adult member while supervising children of absent members. Any non-member children two years and older in the person’s care must pay the regular daily guest fee ($5.00 per visit).

C. Guest Exclusions

1. Persons residing within a 10 mile radius of the WHSC who are not members may be admitted as guests to the WHSC facilities a total of 6 times per season and upon payment of a guest fee by the member who accompanies the guest.

2. Members who conduct a party at the pool must notify the WHSC Manager and fill out all necessary forms at least two weeks in advance of the time and date of the party. All non-member party guests must pay the daily guest fee.

3. The WHSC Manager may restrict guests at any time as deemed necessary.

III. Rules

A. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on WHSC property.

B. Water balloons are not permitted on WHSC property.

C. Chewing gum is not allowed in the pool.

D. No smoking is permitted in the pool area.

E. Excessive speed in the parking lot will not be allowed.

F. Bicycles are not permitted in the pool area and should be parked in the bicycle racks.

G. Roller blades, skateboards, and scooters are not allowed in the pool area.

H. No abusive language is allowed at the pool or tennis courts.

I. All injuries should be reported immediately to the WHSC Manager.

J. Play in the pool and pool area must be safe at all times. Running, pushing, wrestling and other rough play is prohibited.

K. Loitering in the shower rooms shall not be permitted. Children will not be permitted to use the bathrooms/showers as a play area.

L. Umbrellas, tables, chairs, and the pavilion may not be reserved. All of these items are available on a first come basis. Pool furniture is not to be used for used for any purpose other than its original design, i.e. no forts, building, etc.

M. Pets are not permitted on the pool grounds.

IV. Swimming Pools and Diving Regulations

A. Generally, swimming will be permitted during the previously specified hours.

At the discretion of the WHSC Manager, the pool will be cleared of all children under 18 for a fifteen minute period each hour at 12:45, 1:45, 2:45, 3:45, 4:45, and at the discretion of the manager after 4:45.

B. No person shall use the pool unless lifeguards are on duty. The pools will be cleared as deemed necessary by the WHSC Manager.

C. Members and guests shall stay clear of lifeguard stands and not distract guards from their duties.

D. Only authorized staff will be permitted in the office or the mechanical equipment room.

E. Arguing with guards will not be permitted.

F. Wading Pool – Children using the wading pool must be supervised by an adult. The wading pool is intended for use by children six years old and under.

G. Proper swimming attire is required in the wading pool. Children who are not toilet-trained must wear swimming diapers. Regular disposable diapers are not allowed.

H. Use of the pool by those with unsuitable medical conditions is not permitted.

I. Members and guests should shower before entering pool.

J. The deck area should be kept clear of objects at all times for safety purposes.

K. Glasses, jewelry, and other items which could cause injury in the pool should not be worn in the pool.

L. No toys or other objects should be thrown in or out of the pool.

M. Floatable water gear, fins, masks, snorkels, etc. are to be used at the discretion of the WHSC Manager. Also, to insure and promote the individual safety of children, it is required that all flotation devices be Coast Guard approved.

N. The diving well is to be used only for diving.

O. Permission to use diving boards is the responsibility of the parents. Persons who use the diving boards must have sufficient swimming skill to swim across the diving well.

P. Diving in the well is to be done from the boards provided.

Q. One person is allowed on each diving board at a time.

R. No diving is permitted until the previous diver has cleared the area.

S. Divers are expected to limit bounces on the board to one per dive.

V. Food and Drink

A. Food and drink are to be consumed on the lawn or in the pavilion area.

B. All trash must be disposed of in receptacles provided for this purpose.

Revised, January 2002

For our By-Laws Click Here

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